Northside Park Montessori School

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence." -Maria Montessori

Hello, my name is Angela!

Picture of Ms. Angela, school's lead teacher/director

Lead Teacher and School Director

I love teaching children to become kind, respectful and independent learners.

I have been a teacher for most of my life, and am grateful to be able to do what I am passionate about each day. It is a dream to be able to teach children using the Montessori method in our new space. The small class sizes and homey feel of our school makes each day a joy. My favorite part of the Montessori pedagogy is the Peace curriculum, which aims to teach students the skills needed to be a good member of a thriving community.

I have an Early Childhood teaching certificate from UCLA, a Kindermusik certification, and Montessori teaching certification. I have worked as music teacher in the past as well, so music is an important part of our school's daily routine.

Northside Park Montessori Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to focus on the Montessori philosophy and teaching method to enrich each child's natural curiosity, learning experience, respect for all, and integrity, while learning to become ambassadors of peace. Early childhood music classes will be part of the daily schedule - we work on rhythm, movement and song everyday!"

Montessori at a glance

Montessori classrooms are collaborative and social workplaces, where children are engaged. They are learning to take ownership of their own education. They thrive in harmonious communities where each child understands the responsibility of being an individual learner while supporting the learning of others.

Practical life

Independence, social skills and care for the environment


Science, geography, zoology, history, and cosmic education


Phonics, grammar, writing, reading and early literacy skills


Numbers, decimal system, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division


Colors, shapes, textures, weights, dimension, and use of 5 senses

Music & Art

Creativity, expression, collaboration, movement, and musical literacy


Our school is located in a house in the Northside neighborhood of downtown Iowa City. This neighborhood is known for historical buildings, a vibrant and diverse community, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

image of a musical instruments
image of music room
sunny room with large blue rug
shelf with Montessori math materials
Large room with table in center
A corner with 2 plush chairs and books
a large room with rug and table
shelf with Montessori geography materials on trays
a shelf with Montessori science materials on trays
a white shelf with Montessori practical life materials
group art lesson celebrating diversity and inclusion
art lesson with egg shells
snowman with button counters on tray
historical white house


Roohi Ahuja


I have my 4 year old going to the school. This could be the best experience he could have got for his first school. He loves the school and Miss Angela. She is one of the finest teachers and makes every kid feel so welcomed. I am glad to have found this experience before kindergarten starts.

Christina Charis-Donelson


Angela is experienced, loving and creative. Great to see her moving into new space.

Lori Chasse


My little guy went to Ms. Angela when he was 2 and 3 years old. He learned so much and was in such good care with her. I miss those days. 🥰



416 Fairchild St

Iowa City, IA 52245


(319) 631-5543

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